Klues for Levels 1-10

Written on 4:45 PM by Klueless 4 Team

Welcome to Klueless 4!
Please post your queries and comments for the Levels 1-10 over here.

Direct/Explicit hints/Answers/Links are strictly not allowed and shall be snipped. Don’t be a spoilsport. Let everyone work out their brain muscles.

Before posting any queries, please go through the earlier comments. Chances are your query is already adressed. Ctrl+F can make your life a lot more easier here.

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  1. D.a.v.i.D |

    lvl8 anyone.. pls give me a hint.. mods.. anyone listening.. pls

  2. Anonymous |

    kluemasters ..you could use the blogsync tool to move the comments from your page to here..

  3. ashu |

    any hints on level 5 please.........PUHLEZ

  4. Anonymous |

    hints on level 4 plzzzz ...

  5. gash |

    Just started klueless 4. am stuck on level 5. Have seen source code - business tech thing, cbc, power but am clueless...Some hints pls.

  6. Anonymous |

    lEVEL 7 .... help needed

  7. sunitha |

    Guys im stuck with level 4.Clues please??...

  8. Ani |

    any hint in level 5?
    got the sponsor part...CBC..but no link to power.

  9. rajesh |

    lvl8 - stuck for 6 hrs :( My best guess is one word is the name of the reindeer - what's the other word? Clues plz...!!!

  10. Priya |

    someone pls help for lvl 8...
    what after comet and rudolph??

  11. john |

    Level 8: figured the nine names and lucas number series, not able to establish a connection between the two plzzz help!!!

  12. Rohit |

    help with lvl 8... spent over a day on it...

  13. venkat |

    someone pls help for lvl 8...

  14. diamonds61 |

    Level 9: "ishtay" should be "histay" as per the code...

  15. magician |

    any clues for lvl 9... have decoded the language. but how to use it??

  16. venkat |

    someone pls help for lvl 10...

  17. rajesh |

    @ Venkat:
    Looks like you have cleared lvl 8. Am still stuck with Rudolph :( Please give us a clue!

  18. venkat |

    whizzing at sky will bring you the first word and wiki will make you luck

  19. David |

    Any clue for leve 4!!! I got this much 'Politicians lie, Numbers don't' stcuk with this one for 3 hrs :(

  20. invincible |

    observe d numbers carefully...which type???
    u'll get it...

  21. invincible |

    plz help me wid level 7...
    do i've to fill d blanks???

  22. Sathish |

    yeah invincible

  23. invincible |


    but how to do that...
    tried mny names...
    plzoo help.

  24. Anant |

    hey guys need sum help on lvl 7... I understand the order that the series has to be put in... have no klue on the series... tried googling no help... another hint anyone...

  25. Anant |

    @david: a number is missing.... the politician may just be that number...

  26. Sathish |


    keep your head cool..think about simple series. dont try to think too lateral. once you got the series, the clue in source will help you.

  27. Rohit |

    @lvl 7
    nothing to do with T..
    its the text on the image ... find the blanks
    the name of the image.... use it to arrange the blanks in a particular order....

    kluemaster.. if you think i hv given away too much.. pls censor it :)

  28. Anant |

    @sathish: the simplest series is 1,2,3,4.... am i on the right track...

  29. Sathish |

    yup anant ! as i said now source will help

  30. Sathish |

    any klues on level 8???

  31. venkat |

    lvl 10 pls gimme a hint

  32. Rohit |

    come on now...
    sm1 pls give a solid simple clue for lvl 8...
    the names... the numbers.. the comet..
    its driving me crazy .....

  33. venkat |


    you have the answer with you... wiki will help you to find out..keep in mind the '

    hope thi will help...

    still looking for help on lvl 10

  34. sanchiti |

    lvl 7..
    plz help...

  35. Anant |

    on to lvl 8....

  36. Rohit |

    got thru lvl 8..
    ur clue abt ' did help.. so was just searching for a 2 word term with '
    but frankly speaking... it was just a fluke..
    just cant understand the connection...
    anyways.. lvl 9 here i come... :)

  37. Khaleel |

    Level 5 plz help

  38. Vikram.exe |

    Venkat/ Rohit

    some more hint for level 8 plz. can't figure out what the hint ' is for....

  39. Anonymous |

    wht to do now????

  40. David |

    lvl 8, clues :: santa comet dasher fifth first reindeers, but how to coin them to get the answer....this is really driving me crazy....

  41. Anonymous |

    can someone give a hint for level 9. The code language seems to be simple enough. but, what answer are they expecting?

  42. desichai |

    please help with level 5...can't find any link between power and cbc...

  43. invincible |

    anant pls help me on lvl 7...
    plz ne1...

  44. David |

    @lvl 5 :: this u'll get for free

  45. desichai |

    @level 5 - HA HA HA....David....thanks for that hint....i tried everything related to CBC....never expected this to be the answer..... ;-)

  46. David |

    U r welcome Desichai, guys can I get some help on lvl 8??? pls I'm stuck

  47. sanchiti |

    plz help me on lvl 7...

  48. Anonymous |


    got stuck on level 4....is it a name or a number

  49. David |

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. David |

    @lvl 7 :: Clues : Simplest series ever : Title comes first always

  51. Anonymous |

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  52. Anonymous |

    Please help in level 4
    really got struck

  53. Anant |

    @everyone who wants helf with lvl 7:
    1.Look at the source
    2.Look at ottff..en..
    3.Look at source.

    That should do it.

  54. Anonymous |

    stuck in level 4..know the post of the minister...but the answer doesnt work

  55. Anant |

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. David |

    @lvl 4 :: missing number will give the name

  57. Ma-N!che |

    level 9 plz..plz..plz...
    decoded the 'gibberish' donno wt nxt??

  58. David |

    Thanks anamika :) 8 done...9 here I come

  59. David |

    @lvl 9 :: is the clue related to pig latin game? tried diff options...no use

  60. qwiky |

    @david: right track for the gibberish. now what do you do with the results?

  61. pranay |

    help me with level 5...making me mad since yesterday.....already tried with existing clues.want something new plzzzzzzzz

  62. qwiky |

    @david: you're a genius, man :)

  63. Anonymous |

    "Pick the clue from the url+Sponsor"
    When googled, look through the first pulled up page. Answer will be staring at you!

  64. AJ |

    Anyone please help me out with lvl8!
    There are so many clues already given but i am not able to connect them.

  65. Rohit |

    for lvl 8... u ppl have got the keyword.. and now wiki will help...
    the source tell you how many words... so its a ______'s ________

    just make sure while entering the answer dont use the '

    looks like i have given you all much of the answer.. but i want to cos.. i too had wasted too much time on this level...

  66. Rohit |

    buddy you already hv the answer... just enter it correctly.. :)

  67. Anant |

    LVL 1-10 done... moving on to 11... best of luck guys...

  68. AJ |

    Ok, through with level8.
    Although i am not sure why are you people even talking about '.
    I did use a ' and still was able to move to level9.

  69. Rohit |

    help needed for lvl 10
    @venkat - did you crack it.. ??

    i know what the numbers mean. even related it to the celebrities mentioned.
    but its a tough job to find the celebrities for those two ??
    too long a list to match
    any clues to filter that long list??

  70. Rohit |

    @lvl 8
    looks like they have included the ' as the answer..

  71. Anonymous |

    level 9 help plz!! figured out the code .. what next?

  72. Rohit |

    for lvl 10..
    is there anything to do with the famous holywood celebrity couple??

  73. Anonymous |

    Guyzz im stuck at level 4 , got the missing number as well as the post , but what is the connection??
    Plzz Help!!!!

  74. Anonymous |

    level 9...

    hint plzzz

  75. Ooba |

    What numbers are those?

    Notice anything different on the page compared to others? - maybe you should follow the lead !!

    Try to guess at what letters those might be and fill in the rest of the series - its is really the world's simplest series !!

    Maybe the background pic might jog your memory
    Reindeer is only PART of the answer - do not get too bogged down in that

    find out what "code" it is !!

    a simple search should help a lot in this level .

    - the o-Mod

  76. cool |

    Rohit @ 10


    for the benefit of others:
    try to find out the assoc of the numbers against the celeb pic with atleast 1 or 2 of them
    helps finds the ?ed celebs

  77. Saurabh |

    lvl 9 plz give some hint .. got the code and the language wat needs to be entered?? And i guess we enter in the code language rt???

  78. AJ |

    K, hint for level4
    First of all dont think about any missing numbers! lol
    here is how i went ahead:
    Type of the numbers in picture,
    the post,
    then look for the hint in source, and remember that this puzzle is written in India, the answer can be written in different ways and only one of them will work so try all the options you have ;)

  79. ooba |

    It has everything to do with them!!

  80. Anonymous |

    level 6 clue plss

  81. ooba |

    If you've got the "code" , then nothing stops you from progressing to the next level ..

    Just make sure you do not leave gaps in between though !!

  82. Anonymous |

    @6 .. I am stuck... and totally lost !

  83. ooba |

    Maybe you've got the "celebrity's" name
    But then what does the level expect from you?

  84. Anonymous |

    level 9..
    found out the code name but thats not the answer

  85. ooba |

    If you cannot get this , then maybe you should check these hints out ..

    Sports Trivia:
    The Woodies was a nickname given to the most successful men's tennis doubles team in history, Todd Woodbridge and Mark Woodforde.

  86. invincible |

    decoded the two celebs what to do now????

  87. Anonymous |

    Guys , soe help with lvl 4 , stuck for sometime now , the page source is not helping!!!!

    Im really confused.

  88. ooba |

    I'm not a big woodies fan - that trivia is there for a reason ;)

  89. ooba |

    - Think India
    - Think about those numbers
    - Think about the picture in the middle or title
    - Think about the source code at the end

  90. Anonymous |

    @6 the celeb name I got as "D.. T..i"

    But still not able to figure out y its not working

  91. AJ |

    k, came back after eating something and got through 9 and 10 in a whiff!
    i think 10th was one of the easiest till now :D

  92. ooba |

    If you've got the two, do not waste time looking for connections . Think (sorry for repeating) one word !!

  93. Neel |

    Someone please dig me out of level 6..stuck for hours...

  94. saurabh |

    @ 10
    plz give some hint abt that one word
    stuck frm 2 hrs

  95. Anonymous |

    Guyzz some hint on lvl 4 , stuck for sometime now.
    Just cant crack it.

  96. Abhi |

    Someone throw some light on level 4

  97. Sid |

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  98. Klueless 4 Team |

    @saurabh and anyone on 10,
    if you've got two words (or is that 4?) maybe you could enter it in there as one word. Someone might help you :)

  99. Anonymous |

    @lvl6 stuck for a couple of hours now....help !!!!!

  100. SleepyHead |

    ya man me 2 stuck @ lvl6 - sm1 plz help

  101. Anonymous |

    Hey Sid , thanx for that but ive tried that , is it a name or something???

  102. Klueless 4 Team |

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  103. Anonymous |

    lvl 6 ??????

  104. Anonymous |

    @ level 4
    got the post . got the fact that its related to India , but wt next is it a name , number??
    Wt does it have to do with page source , is there a hint in it , coz im confused???

  105. SleepyHead |

    @4 - anant provides a key hint! tough yes..but filled with satisfaction when u crak it!

    Luk @ me...stil stuck @ 6

  106. rabino12 |

    its a name..

  107. ravino12 |

    @lvl 5

  108. Klueless 4 Team |

    @lvl 4

    notice what is common to all the numbers and link it with the image.. use source to get the final answer

    @lvl 6

    do u see anything peculiar in the way words are written on the page??

  109. lakshman |

    any hints on level5 pls?

  110. venkat |


    Nope i am still stuck.. did you crack it?

  111. kunal |

    i am frustrated with lev 8...what else to do...comet, dasher, first, fifth,santa reindeer, lucas numbers(8-47)??

    Pls help

  112. Klueless 4 Team |

    @ kunal

    on track mate... if u arent good at maths why dont u study other social science??

    @lvl 5

    oh.. this page looks different!!

  113. junat |

    is the answer for level 6 the name of any celebrity.

  114. lakshman |

    any hints on level 6 pls? I got stuck at the celebrity name for the past 2 hrs??

  115. Anonymous |


    You are pretty close. Way to go !

  116. venkat |

    Some solid clue for lvl 10 plssss....

  117. junat |

    @level 6 : is it some celeb that dubbed fot the cartoon character?

  118. mystiquedew |

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  119. Anonymous |

    @Lvl 6:- Just look in the hint given in the source . You are really stuck in the middle.

  120. mystiquedew |

    some help on lvl7..i know the blanks..but that is not the answer i guess

  121. Neel |

    @lvl 6..spmeone plz give a solid hint...I am stuck

  122. Anonymous |

    @level 6 - just unable to go through ...need help

  123. mystiquedew |

    @ neel..Am in the middle..wiki shud work

  124. Pravin |

    @ lvl 10

    Are the two missing celebs brad pitt and angelina jolie... Then wht??

  125. Anonymous |

    stuck on lvl 7, help

  126. mystiquedew |

    @ pravin..ne-clue at lvl7?

  127. neel |


  128. Anonymous |

    @ NEEL can u please help me with level 6 - wat in wiki ???

  129. lakshman |

    @Neel..did u get it??.. im still stuck at lvl 6..any help?

  130. Neel |

    @lakshman..Its there in the Middle....

  131. pranay |

    lvl 6....hints plzzzzzzz..

  132. mystiquedew |

    neel u at lvl 7?

  133. Anonymous |

    @ level 6 - middle of what

  134. Pravin |

    Level 7


    Its pretty straightforward.. Google the first five letters of the series.. Expecting u to solve it in another 10 minutes... The countdown starts now :)...

    PS:I nailed lvl 10... Moving to the next forum...

  135. neel |

    @mystiquedew...Yes...kinda confused but i know its just there...

  136. lakshman |

    still stuck on level6.. any more hints for this??

  137. mystiquedew |

    @ pravin...i know the sequence and the blanks, jus not the answer..i am missin something cant figure it..

  138. Anonymous |

    @level 6 - are we on the right page of wiki?

  139. pravin |


    Maybe u dint c the missing letters and the source code at the same time...

  140. Ash |

    I'm stuck in level 6. Is it something to do with a celebrity who has voiced for the cartoon character ?

  141. Neel |

    @lvl8...seems s out of the world...Someone clear the air...

  142. mystiquedew |

    @ pravin..thanks..:) :)

  143. Anonymous |

    Please gimme a hint for lvl 5

  144. Ash |

    I tried searching through all the duck characters in wiki and also the persons who voiced for those characters - but no use :(

    Am I digressing ?

    I noticed the highlight in the sentence given in the image and also the clue in the source but how do I link those ? And please just tell me if it is a cartoon character or not ?

    Any solid hint to get back on the right path ?

  145. Abhiram |

    @ lvl 5 , ne hints plz!!

  146. David |

    @ lvl10, any hints.. i know the celebs... what next.. pls help

  147. Rohit |

    what an a## i was.. lvl 10 was a sitter...
    ppl @lvl10...
    anyone who follows entertainment & hollywood news section of any portal.. you can crack this in a jiffy...

  148. sid |

    stuck at level8 level 8 level 8???????????????????????????????????????

    level 8

  149. Anonymous |

    i need help in lvl 8

  150. sid |

    lvl 8 lvl 8 lvl 8

  151. ZED |

    lvl6 any hint.......


  152. Anonymous |

    i am stuck on level 4 can someone plzzzzzzzzz help me!!!

  153. Anonymous |

    ??????? any help with level 4 plssss

  154. sid |

    which one lvl 4?

  155. sid |

    if it is mantri ji?
    then try to find out synonim of none b4

  156. Anonymous |

    yes mantri ji level....synonymous to none b4...what does that mean

  157. sid |

    synonim of none b4 is first

  158. sid |

    ne body lvl 8?????

  159. Anonymous |


  160. Bhagbat Murmu |

    Lvl 8, any clue ??
    Found words related to santa..
    as rudolph, reindeer, ..
    also north pole....
    but how can i form two words.... as
    __________'s _______

  161. Vikram |

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  162. Bhagbat |


    lvl 8
    could not figure out yet!!!

    Any other clue??

  163. ankitkhetan |

    level 6 guys.....giv some gud clues....

  164. Chandru |


    Just google everything you see on the page and you should be able to figure it out !!!

  165. praveen kumar |

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  166. praveen kumar |

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  167. praveen kumar |

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  168. Klueless 4 Team |

    We are forced to enable comment moderations because of some people posting too direct hints and spamming on our forum.

    However, we are monitoring all the incoming comments continuously and unless there is an objectionable content the comment will be published immidiately.

    People! Please help us in managing this space so that everyone can enjoy the game.

  169. Wake |

    @ lvl 8
    if u r gud @ scrabble or d Hindu crossword, watch out for the answr in the verse

  170. Chandru |

    level 9.. Can read the gibberish, but the obvious answer is not the answer :)
    is the answer a number ?

  171. Wake |

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  172. anonymous |

    any help on level 2?

  173. ABHIJITH.L.N. |

    wat about level 9.... figured out the sequence.... what is the "code" clue suppose to mean? pls give me another clue....

  174. ABHIJITH.L.N. |

    pls gimme a clue for level9.... got the sentence.... but, wat are you referring to, by saying, "codes".... am not getting the clue.... pls gimme a clue!!!

  175. Anonymous |

    lvl 7..i figured out the series but still cant get thru..d answer is the entire series or something elsse..help..

  176. Anonymous |

    yup guyzzz , some solid hint on lvl 7 , got th series but wt nxt , cnt find anything relevant in the source too!!!!

  177. Anonymous |

    @lvl 5: nothin's workin out...some more hints plzzzz...

  178. ooba |

    Spot the difference (or)
    Follow the best lead
    Both mean the same ..

  179. rock |

    Level 9:
    I could decode the sentence, what is the rest? 93?

  180. G |

    Why cant i see the source code on level 4 (ji mantri ji)
    Kluemaster please help

  181. Rohit |

    stuck wid level 8....cant connect comet santa reindeer

  182. sabith pocker |

    tym 4 a joke :P
    @level 4
    there is actually a book by sme jonathan "ji prathanmantriji" and i typed all charachters frm that book including the author :Dand no use....hwever atlast got it!!

  183. Rohit |

    disable scripting in the browser to view the source....

  184. Anonymous |

    pls help with lvl 9 .
    i know what the msg say ...but what after that

  185. Sharath |

    @lvl9 : Well its a child's play!

  186. saurabh |

    plz give clue..
    ne1 pls...

  187. leena |

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  188. Utopian |

    help for 16 pls

  189. Anonymous |

    lvl 9 anyone help plzzzzzz not getting it!!!!!!

  190. Comfortably Numb.... |

    I need some help with level 4. Is the answer very obvious one or will i hav to try a lot of options...???

  191. Anonymous |

    lvl 10:got the name of celebrities but not getting wht the ans.....plzz help !!!!!!!!

  192. Anonymous |

    What's the clue for lvl 9.
    decoded the entire text.
    What's next

  193. Comfortably Numb.... |

    hi i cracked 4, but i m stuck on 5...it seems to be quite a weird level.....any hint???

  194. Anonymous |

    does lvl9 pic hv anything to do wid ans..figrd out the code

  195. Anand |

    Guyz can ne 1 help wid lvl 7 , got the series , but hw do u arrange it???

  196. Anonymous |

    plllzzz help in level 8...
    cant find anything to fit in __________'s ________________
    and also i dnt no if u hav to use ' or not...
    plzzz clarify...got omet dasher etc.

  197. Anonymous |

    anand at 7 ...
    once you got the series, rearrange the letters to make a word....u will get the answer...

  198. Comfortably Numb.... |

    for lvl 7

    the seq for the letters is what u cn get frm the source code....

    but plz someone tell me abt 8....i m jst not able to go ahead.....

  199. Anonymous |

    level 8
    level 8
    level 8
    level 8

  200. deepu |

    any strong clue for lvl4 plzzzz

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