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718 Cities | 72 Countries | 65 Hours | 800,000 Hits

PS: We can smell the one million mark. We are ecstatic. Thank You Guys! Keep Kracking! :)


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  1. M@Ddy |

    Kudos to the team behind Klueless.
    Fantastic work... Great show... Hats off!!

  2. Sharath |

    Brilliant work by Team Klueless ... enjoyed every bit of it! Waiting earnestly for the next one next year! :)

  3. Mayur |

    Awesome Work Guys! This is by far the most interesting thing I have come across in my life till now :)

  4. rohini |

    Wow!!! Great Job guys!!!
    Crack On!!!!

  5. vivekm |

    hey guys!!

    First of all, congratulations for a marvelous performance. I am one of the very few who can understand the emotions of both the sides, of completing the klueless1, klueless3& klueless4, and also of having developed one of the 4 pillars(.. u r smart to figure that out).

    Let me tell you something about your family, which you perhaps were unware about while developing this version. And while I tell you this story there is some moisture in my eyes over here.
    When klueless was first launched we din realise until some 2-3 months after launching the game that it had become so popular. You people talk about hits on the site from the word "go" and we never even knew about it until 3 months after the game. We celebrated and rejoiced the launch of first one.

    But there was no one else (other than me and gera), who was interested in carrying it forward to next year, spons team was unable to get any spons for us, the burden we felt was too large as we were making the sequel, and more numbers of sequels fail than beating the previous benchmark as you would know.
    With great amount of skeptism Gera and I launched it. And there after the history took a rare course, When the game started becoming bigger than the festival itself. (Dataquest published an article about Klueless that year)

    By the time it was IRIS next year, people started talking Klueless3,
    this year sponsership came and now you touch a million hit mark within a week's time. It is great seeing the latest gen of klueless team carrying forward the legacy in such a wonderful manner.
    Welcome to the the elite club of "The Makers of Klueless".

    Vivek Mishra

  6. Vishal Jalan |


    Good to see a previous klueless maker here. That was a nice little history about klueless. Do share some more of it.

    Just a clarification here (in case you felt so), when we are talking about hits (and all previous records being broken) we are not trying to belittle efforts of previous klueless makers. In fact it's the effort of you guys which has made klueless reach where it is today. We all owe a lot to every one who has been part of this team and has done wonderful job year after year.

    Probably a lot more people know about Klueless due to word of mouth publicity (and perhaps better search engines and more internet penetration ;P )and hence the records. And when we look like we are obsessed with numbers, what we are doing is basically looking for a parameter to judge our effort and whether we have been able to achieve the standards set by previous klueless(es). I have been associated with two versions of klueless now (3 and 4) and i totally owe it you guys who started it and carried the tradition forward.

    Would love to meet you guys during footprints\IRIS. Let me know if you plan to come.

  7. vivekm |

    Dear Vishal,

    I guess my message was taken in manner which I dint even think of. My idea was to show how things have changed, we look at the hits these days (which is quite gud and as u rightly said..judging the performance) and there was a time when Klueless1 was launched, we hardly ever thought that this thing would create these many hits, infact it was from klueless2 that we started looking at the numbers.

    Great going guys!! Make sure that you identify the correct people for K5, and also tell them what all things should be kept in mind while making it.


  8. Vishal Jalan |


    Sorry,i misunderstood it. Probably was biased (there is a little history to it)..
    Anyways thanks for your inputs... and for K5, it seems to be in safe hands for now (a lot of work in this version has been done by junior team as well). Hope that we keep the tradition going.. Inputs from you are always welcome.

  9. vivekm |


    I had a thought that now we should officially publish the answers to Klueless1, 2, and 3 with the explanation and logic of each level, on the site itself... this will allow people to get the hang of the game, by quickly completing the previuos klueless and come at par with the experienced players next year.
    I mean the previous klueless 's can act as a trainning ground for the new commers.
    Maybe a homepage for klueless on the IIM I site is required now, which would be
    1. for Klueless in general, (not for any version as such)
    2. for links for all the past kluelesses
    3. the answers and explanation for the previous klueless, once the newer version is released (anyways there are lot of spoilers for each klueless on net now, so why not give it on our site of klueless)
    4. top 100 finishers for each klueless
    5. Also a link containing the memoirs to klueless, where the creators of each klueless share the funny and interesting things faced while making their version of klueless

    6. start a starndard community for klueless on orkut and other networking sites, rather than having different communities for each klueless. Klueless2 community already has some 600 members, which can be used as standard as the base (I dont know if the name of the community can be changed now to something like klueless for ever.. if yes we can definitely do that)

    The idea is to standardised the brand klueless

    We can have detailed discussions regarding this if you like the idea.


  10. Vishal Jalan |


    let's discuss it offline..
    (my gmail id on my blogger profile)

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