Klues for Levels 11-20

Written on 4:45 PM by Klueless 4 Team

Congrats on your progress so far!

Please post your queries and comments for the Levels 11-20 over here.

Direct/Explicit hints/Answers/Links are strictly not allowed and shall be snipped. Don’t be a spoilsport. Let everyone work out their brain muscles.

Before posting any queries, please go through the earlier comments. Chances are your query is already adressed. Ctrl+F can make your life a lot more easier here.

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  1. Manju |


    started again

  2. Manju |

    lvl 18

    if anyone alive here!!

  3. Ashwin |


  4. Manju |

    i m still nowhere!!!

  5. masquerade |

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  6. Anonymous |

    @manju..klue 4 lvl12... seen mirror..what next??

  7. Manju |

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  8. Manju |

    Mirror?? @anony lvl 12

    try to find what shape is it! google will help u

  9. Ashwin |

    I believe we need to use up down round round, unsure though

  10. Anarchy |


    try answering the questions... and finding a way to relate to the matrix...
    that's it!!!

    DO NOT look at anything else :)

  11. Anonymous |

    lvl 16 hints please

  12. Ashwin |

    for level 16:
    use all the hints in the source. try to make sense of what the source is saying. Then use that on the text given.

  13. Manju |

    ashwin lvl 18

    any improvement?

  14. Ashwin |

    Nope, thinking on Anarchy's comment

  15. Manju |

    lvl 18
    is background significant??
    but anarchy said DO NOT look anything else!

    was that an irony!!

  16. masquerade |

    @anarchy..plz give some concrete clue for 18 buddy..stuck for ages on that

  17. Barbaad Gulistaan |

    any progress on 18?

  18. 13thWarriror |

    kluemasters.. why fuel the bad omen associated with thirteen..

    i compared that with ground zero, created new crypt codes..nothing strikes..

  19. Neetika |

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  20. uma |

    haallllpppp!! still stuck on 16, need more clues. are the words on the chat screen significant, is the name of the png file significant??

  21. masquerade |

    kya baat kar raha hai yaar..at this time..pitwayega :) Anyways guess will take a break any which ways

  22. Ashwin |

    Is the answer to level 18 a number?

  23. passer by |

    well the route to 18 is through 13..so someone plss

  24. uma |

    @passerby, wiki for secret of 52. read patiently till the end. you'll know what to do.

  25. Manju |

    thnks a ton nikita

    got that

    onto 19

  26. masquerade |

    @manju help yaar..anything will be useful

  27. Manju |


    lvl 13

    Just Read Carefully

  28. Manju |

    lvl 18

    nikita cmmt is enuf to solve.
    dnt look at the written thing

    just read nikita's clue once more. apply it

  29. Neetika |

    i can only say help me when u reach 21 :-)

  30. yogugoa |

    on to 19...

  31. masquerade |

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  32. uma |

    16 pls. sleepy too.

  33. Anonymous |

    @manju....is the shape related to queen...am i goin righ??what next???klueless :(

  34. masquerade |

    @16 try substitution and then apply the code given in source

  35. Anonymous |

    plsss help at lvl 12

  36. yogugoa |

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  37. Anonymous |

    Thanks Ashwin! I managed to crack 16
    please can someone give hints on lvl 17.

  38. Sujith |

    @Level 12: Need some help..

    I got the figure name.
    I think I got the relation between the three figures at the bottom, but I am not able to link all this with the first sentence, and I guess thats why I am not getting to the answer. Any clues on first sentence? Is it an anagram?

  39. Manju |


    try google to find the shape

  40. Anonymous |

    nybody lvl 12??
    shape is related to princes !!is it??
    feeelin sleepy too :(

  41. Anonymous |

    Lvl 12 ...not gettin :(
    any other hint...plzzz!!

  42. masquerade |

    @12 do image search on the first sentence..should help

  43. Manju |

    lvl 12

    as it is a complex figure

    try to google complex geometrical shapes

  44. Anonymous |

    Manju, plz read my earlier post, I am not able to connect the first sentence to the rest of the clues..

  45. Rams |

    level 12 help please

  46. Rams |

    thanks for the clues. onto lvl 13 now

  47. Anonymous |

    lvl 12 got the shape..but not been able 2 connect ...hint guyzzz

  48. Anonymous |

    @rams... lv 12....hints for connection between pics

  49. Manju |

    @anony lvl 12

    if u have got right shape name, then answer will be in front of u

  50. yogugoa |

    On to 21...

  51. Manju |

    @lvl 12

    try to find out background shape in google

    there will u find ur answer

  52. Shriram |

    little help on level 13 pls...

  53. masquerade |

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  54. Shriram |

    for level 12... refer to manju's comments
    its rly helpful.

  55. Saurabh |

    help for....level 13
    stuck since 2 hrs now
    cn anybdy giv even the slightest hint???

  56. Manju |

    nikita r u there?

  57. Manju |

    lvl 13

    Hint Already Given

  58. Shriram |

    level 13...
    is it related to any revolution???

  59. Rams |

    level 13-help needed

  60. Anonymous |

    @manju..i hve the shape name ...i wikied with its name and get exact pic...but its not taking "the name" set as given in wiki

  61. Rams |

    what is the hint for lvl 13 thats already given ? can you give me a lead?

  62. Rams |

    @anony lvl 12
    once u get the name you will find a connection between the pics, type in that name

  63. Saurabh |

    ya wats the hint which is already given
    pls giv a hint....

  64. kartik |

    hey guys need hint for lv13
    im goin crazy ovr here!!!!!!!!
    pls help im stuck.....ive read this ovr a hundred times....any hint guys....

  65. passer by |

    read the whole page on wiki (i would confess not very patiently) but still klueless..

    the secret of 52 code does not work here.. 13=52/4.. that gave nothing.. tried putting the title to the url..went to level 0 as entry level.. so plss gimme a diff kind of klue..

  66. yogugoa |

    on lvl 22....

  67. Anonymous |

    @13 A friend told me yesterday to take break and listen to Johnny cash songs. it might cheer you up.

    Can someone help me with lvl 16. Tried substitution from the source. Its not working.

  68. Anonymous |

    @rams ..lv12..not been able to connect :(
    "m****** S**" or f****** shape

  69. kartik |

    yup def uve got to change the url ...
    cn be rel to french revo i reckon....

  70. yogugoa |

    LVL 23...

  71. siddharth |

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  72. Saurabh |

    pls giv hint for level 13...

  73. Nishant |

    Can someone give some clue for level 16, the one with the messenger. Stuck on it for quite long now....

  74. Ashwin |

    any hint for level 20?

  75. Ashwin |

    For level 16, use my previous hint. It should be enough.

  76. Sujith |

    @12 Guys, I need some help or I am going to the mental hospital.. I got the "answer is in front of u" clue (nice clue!) , I got the figure name, I applied the "answer in front of u" to the figure name, I don't get anything , and moreover, I can't get the link between the bottom 3 pictures, plz I need specific help...

  77. Shriram |

    pls give sum hints for level 13...

  78. Anonymous |

    @ sujit...try again it will accept...at least it happened with me ..
    @KLUEMASTER...pls look at it I got crazy as lvl 11 n 12 both not accepting answers and suddenly got accepted...strange :P
    nyways gudnite :D im goin to bed

  79. Sharath |

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  80. Nishant |

    i checked it ....still cudnt get anything....can u give me one more clue pls....

  81. Anonymous |

    @ashwin For level 16, i tried substituing one for many...where to go then...

  82. Ashwin |

    For level 13, try to decipher what the prose is trying to say with the help of the hint in the url

  83. Ashwin |

    @All stuck at level 16
    Think about your chat sessions

  84. Gamer |

    @12 - I am stuck with level 12, got the figure name, but how do you link it with the three pics below, plz help? Is it mandatory for us to link the three pics below, or are they just helpers?

  85. Ashwin |

    Any hints for level 20?

  86. Anonymous |

    @16 does 2134 make any sense

  87. Ashwin |


  88. Ab |

    hey, clues for 11 pls...still stuck thr :)

  89. Gamer |

    @ab ..for 11,
    I didn't know who/what the heck is "warner, compton and edrich". If you don't know about something and you have the internet in front of you, what do you usually do? :)

  90. passer by |

    still at 13 :(
    johnny cash has a song 13..but could find no trivia with that.. prose looks like an ambigram but again isn't.. my mind is gng in 100 directions..all but the right one..

  91. gamer |

    @12... Just completed! Good one.

  92. Anonymous |

    Listen to the best of best of Johny cash

    People help on 16.

  93. Nishant |

    still no luck with 16, stuck there for ages, pls someone one more clue.... ehsaan zindagi bhar yaad rakhoonga..D

  94. Anonymous |

    2134 - chat messages whats the relation?

  95. passer by |

    has lvl 13 got anything to do with illuminati?

  96. Ashwin |

    2134 doesn't have any relation to chat. It is ONE instead of MANY that has relation to chat. I don't want 2 confuse U unnecessarily :)

  97. gamer |

    @14, folks, you seem to have forgot about level 14, plz any clues? or am I the only idiot around who cannot crack lvl 14?

  98. Ameya Sapre |

    @ Ashwin

    for 16th: one instead of many??..pronouns??..its turning out be a big hole for me...ne other pointers

  99. Ashwin |

    For level 14, one of the mods put up a hint saying 'Think about love'. I would reiterate it. This is a tricky level. People either solve this in a jiffy, or are stuck on it for a long time. Try to identify everything in the picture shown.

  100. passer by |

    excuse me gamer.. here is the lord of idiots @ 13.. bail me out plss. this will be my last comment on 13..

  101. Ashwin |

    Please read my very first hint.

  102. Ameya Sapre |


    i've read the text and chat a gazillion times..the only logical answer i thought of is "youth"..not working..btw is the answer a row or a number?

  103. gamer |

    @14, Thanks for your clue passerby , but do you need to know about 'that movie' to solve it, coz I am not very good with SciFi movies.

  104. Ashwin |

    We are talking about level 16 right? Why do you say the answer is a row?

  105. passer by |

    gamer.. you got me wrong.. i was asking for a clue on lvl 13 since you are already on level 14..

  106. Ameya Sapre |


    for 14: simple googling is enough..forget movies..trust google

  107. Ameya Sapre |


    sorry..typo..what i meant was "word"

  108. Ashwin |

    Is anyone working on level 20? Levels numbered 10 and 20 are bad. Once ppl solve them, few of them stay on the thread to post hints.

  109. Anonymous |

    I am confused with 16, do we use 2134 or not....

    People @14, google and it is on your face.

    People @13 you are correct about the "that movie", you need not know the details about it.

    Someone help on 16 or I bow out :(

  110. gamer |

    @14 I think I got the "Think about love" clue, I know that word , not sure what to do with that, and why the 3 different pictures of the ring?

  111. Ameya Sapre |


    your??Ur??ur??..damn!!.i cant see this level nemore..need to get out of here

  112. Ameya Sapre |


    google the hint in source..answer will present itself

  113. gamer |

    @14: Completed! You were right, I should have trusted Google blindly :)

  114. Sudhanshu |

    @Ashwin: Its 3.40 am here...rehem khao...i know already kafi hints diye hai...but nothing is clicking...kuch aur hint do....is the answer a single word....or a phrase..or wat???

  115. nishant |

    and it is 10:35pmhere.....mujhpe bhirehemkaro...D on lvl 16

  116. passer by |

    i initially got what you were getting at..connected that to the header..but that doesn't seem the answer

  117. Ashwin |

    Any more hints on level 16 might b a give-away guys. y can't u c it?

  118. Ameya Sapre |


    haha..i know we all r sounding stupid..sometimes we miss the obvius..i'm trying to see something since 1 day..thinking too much..is it related to punctuation/grammar/spelling etc etc?

  119. Sudhanshu |

    @Ashwini: I am getting wat U R trying 2 tell us...:)....nothings clicking tho!

  120. Ashwin |

    My comment was not supposed 2 b sarcastic. It was supposed 2 b a hint, just like this one. U will realize it when U get the answer.

  121. Anonymous |

    v r trying 2 c it.
    u help us :(

  122. Ashwin |

    If U R getting it, apply it :)
    P.S. I am Ashwin not Ashwini :P :P

  123. gamer |

    @passerby: Here you go, Now you know what the initial part is, then - Dan Brown's Deception Point was a good book, but does that mean we will forget the first book, Da Vinci Code? Passerby, you know about Deception Point now , but you should be able to find out Da Vinci Code, coz that might be the answer ;).

  124. Ameya Sapre |


    same here..the chat lingo is not working in this case..u, ur,,nothing??

  125. gamer |

    @15a Folks, why no posts on 15 a b c? Any clues to 15a?

  126. Sudhanshu |

    @Ashwin: Apologies for that...its 4 am here and this is driving me crazy...hope u understand :)

  127. Ameya Sapre |


    15a: again trust google

  128. Ashwin |

    @Ameya, Sudhanshu, Anonymous
    Now read my first comment on level 16. Things will hopefully fall in place.

  129. Ashwin |

    @Ameya, Sudhanshu, Anonymous
    Else send me ur email IDs :)

  130. gamer |

    @15a: Thanks Ameya! that solved it, but didnt solve it ... you know what i mean ;)..onto 15b now..

  131. nishant |

    Thanks, got lvl 16 now... :D

  132. Sudhanshu |

    @Ashwin: Done dana dan!

    Thanks! :)

  133. Ameya Sapre |



  134. Avijit |

    15a is as simple as picking up the ninth pin ! ne hints on 15b / 15c?

  135. Ashwin |

    @Nishant, Sudhanshu
    Good going :)

  136. Anonymous |


  137. Ameya Sapre |


    first solve 15c (concentrate on one pic at a time..just say what you see..you'll get it)

    then come to 15b

  138. passer by |

    gamer..you lost me..was thinking in lines of jrrt and now db..???

    i'll die of triskaidekaphobia..

  139. Ameya Sapre |


    search for secret of 52..apply the concept, albeit, with a change

  140. gamer |

    @passerby: well, you called me lord of the idiots earlier, what if that equals deception point.
    Passerby: I guess I am deviating too much, if the above clue doesnt make sense, I can't think of a way to explain it to you....

  141. Ameya Sapre |


    finally got it..phew..was a good one..thanks for ur (hehe) help.

  142. Anonymous |

    @15c Will googling the first sentence help?

  143. passer by |

    voila gamer and everyone who helped.. thanks :)

  144. Ameya Sapre |


    15c: yes..you need to google the first sentence..but thats only half way through..concentrate more on the pics..taking them one by one...but u need to take the relavent ones!

  145. gamer |

    15c: More hints on 15c please :(

  146. gamer |

    @Ameya: I think I got your clue, you had lots of fish varieties for dinner, huh?

  147. Ameya Sapre |


    actually i had lamb chops!!

  148. gamer |

    @Ameya, Let me ask you, can you draw any connection between the fish you had and the lamb chops. Should I say the items on the menu loud and try to mix them? Will that help?

  149. Ameya Sapre |


    forget food, menu..concentrate on just 2 pics..and just say what you see..then connect that with the line..voila!

  150. gamer |

    @Ameya: I think I lost it :(.. Ok I don't know anything about the line, but about the pics, is what you finally get out the pics related to few people from our neighbouring country?

  151. Ameya Sapre |


    nah dude..u r thinking way too hard..why dont you hop to someone in your kin for help!

  152. name |

    @15c: Thanks a lot for the clues Ameya, but I am totally clueless :(.. Maybe some hints on the sentences at the top could help?

  153. Ameya Sapre |


    concentrate on only 3 words from that line..and visualize...rest is not needed

  154. Anonymous |

    stuck with lvl 17... help needed... plsss

  155. name |

    @15c:Should cannibalism be allowed? Can anyone confirm..

  156. Ameya Sapre |


    you are very close..keep going

  157. name |

    @15c: Maybe a google on WW 2 would help?

  158. Sia |

    Any hints for lvl17??

  159. gamer |

    @15b: ameya and everyone else,thanks for the clues on 15c,got it, nice one!!, but one question how do you login with a user name and password? any clue?

  160. pam |

    Hints for lvl 17 pls...i got the picture but how is it related to what's in the source code???

  161. Ameya Sapre |


    go back in time..the screen looks familiar, eh?

  162. Anonymous |

    Hint fr Lvl 20 please..what needs to be summed?

  163. Ameya Sapre |


    i once again join you in the quest to crack 20th!

  164. Anonymous |

    Any clues for lvl17 plss

  165. gamer |

    @Ameya: I got what you are trying to say, but should I fool around on the page to be conquered or should I fool around on a paradoxical probabilitical page to go on to 16?

  166. Anonymous |


    clues on 15c??? am still stuck thr

  167. Ameya Sapre |

    @all anons:

    i'm confused as to who is who..one of you was stuck on 16th a while back..my previus post was for him/her

  168. gamer |

    Anony: for 15C, most of the pics are noisy , huh?

  169. Kedar |

    help on 15b...
    after conquering i find myself at level 1a....
    ?????? wad does dis interpret? am i rite or wrng???

  170. Anonymous |

    15c.. has it got anything to do with lamb of God? book of revelation???

  171. Anonymous |

    Anyone out here
    Any hints for 17 plsssssss

  172. gamer |

    anony for 15c: So close :)...the words you said.. then the file name of the image...ring a bell??

  173. Shreya |

    help for 17 lvl.,
    Anyone who has finished already help.

  174. Pritul |

    pls help on level 13... I followed all the clued but still helpless... can anyone bail me out!!!!

  175. Ashwin |

    Any help with level 20? Mods?

  176. VISH |

    Please help needed on lvl 13. More clues plz. Is it related to any movie?

  177. VISH |

    @ Ashwin

    Ashwin, Level 13 (Title is nothing more than the title) is killing me.... Help needed...

  178. Anonymous |

    lvl 15c.. bell? graham bell? bernard bell? nothing works :( any more help?

  179. Ashwin |

    Level 13: The prose is a cipher. Not a tough one. If it doesn't make sense as it is, how else would it make sense?

  180. Anonymous |

    lvl17 hints??

  181. passer by |

    @gamer.. you should author klueless for lesser mortals..

    got the username and password..:).. now seeking the time machine :(

  182. Anonymous |

    15b any clues please???

  183. Anonymous |

    any1 plz help me on 17.....

  184. Anonymous |

    ppl who crossed level 17 bekind heart.... help fellow ppl ....

  185. Ashwin |

    Level 17:
    Identify what it is, then look closely.

  186. passer by |

    15b is a clue by itself..

  187. yashwanth |

    @Level 18

    God..I think I am going to die at level 18.

    Anyone give me a solid clue....please......

    Stuck at this level for hours.....

    I could get the film name and the last line. IS it something related to film name and numbers?

  188. gamer |

    @passerby: Think we meet on 15b.. :).. lemme know if you have any clues...

  189. Anonymous |

    i found out what it is hope.... and loooked closely.... but going no where...unable to relate the source code.... cant find the significance of sil......prayer or faith.....
    plzz give me sme strong directive...plz

  190. passer by |

    just race though 15b in reverse gear..

  191. Anonymous |

    15c.. lamb of God and book? what bell does it ring? can't get anything out of it.. any more clues?? :(

  192. Anonymous |

    i found out what it is hope.... and loooked closely.... but going no where...unable to relate the source code.... cant find the significance of sil......prayer or faith.....
    plzz give me sme strong directive...plz

    plz bail me out frm level 17

  193. gamer |

    well..lamb of god you said.... what abt being an atheist and changing to a lamb lover?

  194. gamer |

    @passerby: Sorry, my bulb didnt light :(.. any other food for thought on 15b?

  195. cool |

    18 was cool :)

  196. yashwanth |


    Can you give me any hint for the level 18

  197. cool |

    @ 17
    it pays to exercise ur neck muscles and use ur eyes ;)

  198. JMJ |

    is anyone there
    need help on lvl 18....

  199. cool |

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  200. Anonymous |

    thanks coool
    18 here i come

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