Klues for Levels 21-30

Written on 4:45 PM by Klueless 4 Team

Congrats on your progress so far!

Please post your queries and comments for the Levels 21-30 over here.

Direct/Explicit hints/Answers/Links are strictly not allowed and shall be snipped. Don’t be a spoilsport. Let everyone work out their brain muscles.

Before posting any queries, please go through the earlier comments. Chances are your query is already adressed. Ctrl+F can make your life a lot more easier here.

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  1. Anarchy |

    there was someone in the other thread talking abt level 21...

    think simply!!! :) its not too complicated!

  2. Neetika |

    I've been thinkin abt it 4 such a loong time that i just cant think nemore...just point me in the precise direction please!!

  3. Anonymous |

    any clue for 24 plzzzz

  4. Anarchy |

    Do what you are told!!!
    and then see whom do u have to tell the answer! :)

  5. Anonymous |

    24 please .. getting no clue even to start...

    do the words which can be seen in image in background (not the text but backgrnd) , have some significance ...

  6. Bong |


  7. Neetika |

    I still dont get it...hav counted the all the chars...but how do I think right...n wat do we mean by taking a bite :(

  8. Anonymous |

    24 ??????????????????????????

    at least a small clue

  9. Anarchy |

    same boat as everyone else!!! Dunno anything abt level 24!!! :)

    level 21: just think about telling the answer to the person who is listening!!! (very vague... but can't help it)

  10. Anonymous |

    abe modsm so gayee kya ???

    please .... clue for level 24 brothersss (and their sisters) :)

  11. Anarchy |

    24 done!!! :)
    onto 25

  12. Anonymous |


    give sm clue yar.. for 24

  13. Neetika |

    plzz help me....i cant make head or tail out of it :(...thodi daya karo...i am at this level since last 12 hrs :(...mayb i'll reach 24 n help u as well :-)

  14. Anonymous |

    @ anarchy ... mere dost ...

    please ek hnt to de do .... 24 ke liye ...

  15. Anarchy |

    I seriously have no clue how I got it!!! :(

    lemme think on how to give a clue on this one!!!

    till then: remember google/wiki are your best friends!!!

  16. Neetika |

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. Anonymous |


    wiki nd google are not my friend any more ... they are not helping ...
    u r the only hope left... :)

    kuch to hint do ... 3 rs in image and 3 bucks in source code ??

    who is man with golden mind?

    Words ... do the words in image (bkground) matter ??

  18. Anarchy |

    chalo!!! lets try this...

    following steps will aid you in solving level 24
    1. Read the source code
    2. Read the title of the page
    3. Read the poem
    4. DO NOT think of anything which has not been EXPLICITLY mentioned (i.e. do not assume the topic of discussion)
    5. I think you will understand what is being talked about the moment you are able to connect all of this!!

    (sry that I can't be of more help... giving clues is not my forte!!! :) )

  19. Anarchy |

    incase anyone is still there...
    any direction for level 25!!!

  20. Anonymous |

    any hint for level 22 plz. still up at 5:45 and stuck on this one for over two hours :(

    plz help. completely stuck!

  21. Neetika |

    any help for lvl 23??

  22. masquerade |

    stuck at 21..what does at six point mean ..plz help

  23. Anonymous |


    its AT SiX PointT, not at six point.



    *any* hints for level 22 please?

  24. Anarchy |

    level 25 - done!!!
    5 more to go me thinks! :)

  25. masquerade |

    Thanks anonymous ..on 22 now :)

  26. Anonymous |


    congrats! wish u can break it. i think my brain has totally shut down. Havent had one new idea about this one in over an hour now :(


    any clues on 22?

  27. Neetika |

    wiki/google is the best help around :)

  28. Anarchy |

    please help me remember which one is level 22...
    maybe I can help!!!

    PS: on level 27 now! :)

  29. Manju |

    help for second half of lvl 21

    count d charac, but no use

  30. Anonymous |


    the one where the title is just a "." and the image shows an "i" and a "j" with red dots and the hint in the source says "Why do people forget to put the accent mark in resume"


  31. masquerade |

    @anarchy/nikita were u also asked to be more specific for level 22 ..what does that mean plz help

  32. Neetika |

    take little help from wiki believe me :-)

  33. Sharath |

    any help on lvl25 wd b highly appreciated!

  34. Manju |

    help for lvl 21

    charac counted, where to put?

  35. Anarchy |

    @22: bang on nikita!!! :)
    wiki is awesomely helpful...

    on level 28!! :)

  36. Neetika |

    help for lvl24 plzzz...wat do we hav to do?

  37. masquerade |

    @nikita/anarchy i have the answer for 22, but when i key in it says be more specific..cant understand, please help

  38. abg |

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Neetika |

    you're very close to the answer :-)...again i'll say its just wiki thats needed :-)

  40. Neetika |

    any help for 24 plzz??

  41. Anarchy |

    Just see the page which you are seeing man!!! you will find out what that means ;)

  42. Anarchy |

    which is level 24???

  43. Neetika |

    the one with a poem and 3 bucks...giv some gud clue yaar...cant think of nething

  44. masquerade |

    Now stuck on 23..some help :((

  45. Anarchy |

    The issue is that I cannot come up with a clue without giving u the answer of the level...
    read the clue I have already given!!!

  46. masquerade |

    someone plz help for 23 ..need to crack the code and find the first sponsor

  47. abg |

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. masquerade |

    abg any hint for 23 plzzzzzzzzzz

  49. abg |


    its easy. i guessed ;-)

  50. Anarchy |

    28 is not moving at all!!! :(
    can't the mods tell us anything about how to do this stage???

  51. Shantanu |

    is 21 about a software part of the office suite ??

  52. Anonymous |

    hint for 29 ..? please...

  53. kp |

    on lvl 30 since yesterday....source said get 1 2........i got only lesser from original....wat to do now..plss help

  54. kp |

    @mods...plsss helpppp

  55. Shantanu |


    can u help me with 21, is it about the office software ??

  56. Anarchy |

    gimme some hint for 28 please!!!
    a small direction would be enough!!!

    its the one with the nice frame :)

    @abg: which is level 25???

  57. abg |


    the one with the calculator. thanks for any help!

  58. kp |

    c the ends.....

    identify the frame

  59. Anarchy |

    pay attention to every thing... eg: name of the page, name of the image etc....
    Believe me... its an awesome level! :)

  60. Anarchy |

    I know what frame it is!!! :(
    even thats not the answer!!! :sad:

    neways.. I guess u can't give any more clues!!
    (it would be nice if u could though ;) )

  61. kp |

    frm nw onwards ....everything 19

  62. abg |


    lvl25: have already been thru those. out of ideas. any additional clue wud be nice. also wud be nice to know if one needs the windows notepad and/or calculator for this one. i am on linux :(

    and btw, for lvl28: you may know the frame, but have you "found" it ;-)

  63. Anarchy |

    huh!!! how do you know abt level 28???
    anyways... are u sure you have done what the people want you to do!!! read the hints properly...

    and no, its not OS based! :)

  64. kp |

    any1 on lvl 30?

  65. abg |


    I started at lvl 26 :(

    thats where a friend of mine was when i peeked into his cubicle late last night. So i started from there...solved 26-29, got stuck on 30, and then while waiting for inspiration to strike on 30, decided to do things the right way by starting at 1 ... my friend tells me the original blog was full of great hints ... it went down just when i started from level 1 :-/

  66. Anarchy |

    btw, I am totally done...
    level 28 has bested me right now!!! I know which frame it is, but have not found it apparently!!
    I know the concept of the 19.. but the ways I am using it don't make sense!!!
    so until someone can give me a very obvious hint ;) , I think I will bid people adieu and call it a night!!! :)
    all the best :D

  67. abg |

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. Anarchy |

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. Shantanu |

    lvl 23 please ..

    how is "stumped" relevant here ?

  70. Abhishek |

    on level 30 since 9PM yesterday :(

  71. Abhishek |

    could someone please give me a hint for 30 so I can leave??

  72. Abhishek |

    @ mods

    need access to the last blog for hints. :(

  73. Anonymous |


    me too man. btw, interesting fact, you are one of atleast three "Abhishek" waiting here for clues 30 :-/

  74. Abhishek |

    @ all

    gravewhoami@gmail.com is a cheat - he masqueraded as a moderator and stole hints and answers from quite a few of us so far.

    Please do not assist or talk to him.

  75. Abhishek |

    @ anon

    dost, just imagine how I feel - the guys who won won when I was around - now there are people who i've helped at level 30 and waiting :(

    mods, any help on 30? please?

  76. Shantanu |

    some help with 24 guys !!

  77. Gaurav Agrawal (Kluemaster) |

    @ All

    You can see the list of Klueless 4 team members on blog homepage. Assume only them to be moderators. Not even me unless my name figures out there ;)

  78. Abhishek |

    @ gaurav

    please man, I have tons of work to deal with - one clue for 30 - please!

  79. Shantanu |


    mods you are expecting an incomplete answer ...the complete name is somewhat bigger ..

  80. Abhishek |

    have given up on 30. leaving.

    cheers, it was fun.

  81. n3sta |

    @ abhisekh

    Hint for Level 25...
    I got the hint from the image name and the title..but what to do with it

  82. kp |

    man...how many of them have finished the game so far

  83. n3sta |


    level 25 help....

  84. Neetika |

    sum1 help me with 24...i m not even getting nething from google...hw to relate that poem to 3 bucks?

  85. n3sta |

    @ neetika

    Level 24 is one with the Napoleon right ?????

  86. kp |

    @ nesta

    did u find the key

  87. Neetika |

    yea that one :(....i hv just got the year of ship till now...nothing else...n i dunno wat 2 do wid dat as well

  88. n3sta |

    @ kp

    What key or how to get the key...

  89. Shantanu |

    m looking for 25 too ...

  90. n3sta |

    @ shantanu

    did you get any key ??

  91. Shantanu |

    i think so, from the phone..not sure if its right ...

  92. Anonymous |

    me on 25 too
    got a idea what picname and title is telling.. but can't make up on which to imply that
    ne help on that direction

  93. kp |


    find a key or a part of key frm whjere u r looking at

  94. kan |


    clues for 28 pls..

    i hav understood what the frame is.. but can't relate it to the numbers on the page

    what do i need to do now

  95. n3sta |

    @ shantanu

    Why phone ??? The image name and title suggest something else.. But don't know how to use it

  96. Shantanu |

    yes phone was not right ...i have the key now, but at next ?

  97. n3sta |

    @ Shantanu

    Hint to get the key ????

  98. Neetika |

    but i m not getting nething by searching these strings in google :(

  99. metro |

    @ shantanu...which key are u talking one in the source..
    or have we to do nething else

  100. Shantanu |


    i think calculator can be used for more than digits ..

  101. shamim |

    Hey guys...help for level 8

    i have got almost everything but still on 8th..

    dont know what to do with rudolph comet reindeer .....

    i think the old comments are deleted from the blog.

  102. Neetika |

    yess..i got it..now on to 25 :)

  103. Shantanu |

    i dont think my idea of key is right ..some1 pls guide abt the key ..

  104. n3sta |

    @ shantanu

    gmail id??

  105. Shantanu |

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  106. Ankur |

    Shantanu Can u send me clue about 25

    ankur.bharadwaj at gmail

  107. Anonymous |


    Hi Neekita, m same anonymous which helped you for 21 yesterday night .. now its ur turn .. please help me on 24, m still there.

  108. kcgadiyar |

    Another day, another blog.

    Still stuck@30, was in 25 for a day, so my patience is still strong. Any clues would be appreciated though.

  109. metro |

    still have no idea what to do with notepad..
    pls pls bail me out

  110. Shantanu |

    some1 pls give a new dimensional hint abt 25 !

  111. Anonymous |

    clues about 29 will also be appreciated. got whats on the screne, stuck with the numbers bit.

  112. Anonymous |

    I sloved 24 .. yepeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    For those who are stuck here ... I wud say, be little romantic ;)

  113. Rj |

    @ shantanu and others stuck at 25

    for 25 it helps if u write all the clues down and look at them. take a break n do it.

  114. Rj |


    if you can gimme a hint for 29 i shall be on 30..:)
    i have got what the images are but dont know what to do with the numbers.

  115. Anonymous |


    for 25. I got the n*****s ... b/w clue begins and clue ends.

    Now wht ??? wht is the use of calc ?

  116. Ashwin |

    Can n I get a hint for 21? other that the obvious ends? and other than 'it'?

  117. Anonymous |

    @25 ... is this level related to seven segment display ??

    I got the clues and have used wht i was suppose to use and then got the n*****s.

    now wht ???

  118. mayank |


    I guess being anonymous, my posts are being un-noticed.

    Ok now please reply,

    For 25. I got the n*****s. now wht ??????

  119. Manish Mattawar |

    @LEVEL 30....stuck at 30 from 4 hrs...got thr at 12 midnite last nite and tried til 4 but no luck...got all needed...as sm1 told...billions totaly enthusiasts were inquizite but stil dint move ahead..filay gave up n slept...someone..plz give sm hint...i kno i have got all that is needed...

  120. Anonymous |

    stuck @lvl 30 since yesterday night. @MODS : plz help. not even able to sleep.

  121. Auto Freak |


  122. Mayank |


    please give some clue for 25 ..........

    can u please give some clue .... wht to do after getting the key

  123. aswathyk |


    Can anybody give me a clue on lvl 28.
    i know what the frame is..and i "found" it as well....but what goes in the answer box...i'm still not sure....

  124. Salil |

    lvl 23 (Stumped) ... I've got the answer and moved to the next level.. but it was a tukka..

    i am still bugged about the crypt.. can anyone please give some insights on how to crack it..

  125. Manish Mattawar |

    @MODS...friends...can someone give slightest hint for 30...means os the answer one word..or anagram or a word amongst all i got..or a jumbled sentence..or something else...

  126. mayank |


    why dont u ppl help others who are struggling ... u guys are way ahead ...

    please give some help for 25

  127. aswathik |

    @mayank -- you need to use the picture....look for clues in the page itself

  128. Salil |

    i agree with mayank.. pls help me with lvl 23 (Stumped).. not the answer.. i know it.. just how to crack the crypt.. it's freaking me out n am not able to concentrate on lvl 24

  129. Ashwin |

    For level 21, do I change the URL?

  130. cool |

    stuck on lvl 20

    Plz help guys
    no clues in that thread

  131. Ashwin |

    Level 21: Is the answer yet another three letter blah, as are the blahs indicated by the clue?

  132. Ashwin |

    Level 20: I am sure you have the river. All you have to do is connect it to math.

  133. Mayank |


    thanks for ur reply brother.

    I have used the thing which they asked to use ... and got the numbers ...

    now wht ???

  134. Salil |

    @ cool..

    the pic is important.. u need to just sum it up..

  135. Salil |

    and pls anyone help me breaking the crypt on lvl 23.. help!!!

  136. Auto Freak |

    @mayank am still on 25.
    @23 i could not decode it, but i used source clue and connected to recent event..

  137. cool |

    @ 20
    sum up the letters of the name in Greek or English?
    thats the answer?
    whats that got to do with numbers in source?

  138. Anonymous |

    cracked 25 ...


    on 26th now ...

  139. Auto Freak |

    help us with some clue..
    am not using google/wiki here.. as no direction.. seven-segments??

  140. metro |

    some hint for 25

  141. Mayank |

    @25 ...
    too much of a level .... ultimate ....

    good job Mods... i luv u ppl ...

  142. cool |

    is 20 so easy that all got thru without any hints??
    74/ 40 ?? right track?
    plz help me !!

  143. Anonymous |

    i need help with level 21.. what do I do with xxx characters that I have?

  144. Auto Freak |

    jst giv us direction

  145. Mayank |

    @ autofreak
    @ metro

    I m the anonymous .. (sorry forgot to put my name)

    clue 1:
    ever heard abt 7-seg display.... :)

    clue 2:
    nothing to be done with calculator

    clue 3:
    No google/wiki required ... use ur mind .. thats it :)

  146. Anonymous |

    for level 20, all u gotta do is read wiki..

  147. Anonymous |

    help with level 21 part 2 plzzzzzz

  148. Abhishek |

    yay! i am done too! :)

  149. Manju |

    lvl 23 (stumped)

    lil help needed.
    all previous clues r not clear to me.

    hine plz

  150. Manish Mattawar |

    @stuck at level 30...from almost 6 hours now...just one thing must nt be clicking...have everything else in hand...plz if someone can just push me fwd by one slight clue....

  151. Anonymous |

    @ abhishek

    some clue fr 29 pleasee..i know the pictures, have done the needful for the pictures..not able to relate the series in the code..and the word "complement"..help !!!

  152. aswathik |

    Congratz yaar....
    just before you go ... please post a decent comment for 28....please let me know if the answer is one word or more than one word

  153. Manju |

    lvl 23 (stumped)

    any clues!!!

  154. cool |

    @ 20
    what exactly to read in Wiki?
    nile/egypt/ greece
    and wht abt the?

    plz help me sail thru..

  155. Mayank |

    cracked 26th ... easy one

  156. Anonymous |

    @cool, read about the most significant thing on the page

  157. Anonymous |

    ppl at higher levels.. pls help those stuck at prev levels..

  158. Manju |

    lvl 23 Mayank
    help for 23(stumped)

    lvl NILE
    try to google the big fonts word.

  159. Anonymous |

    manju.. help with level 21? i am done with part 1..

  160. Anonymous |

    also got the count.. wht to do with it? change url?

  161. Manish Mattawar |

    @abhishek...help for 30 man...i m almost done....just one slight hint man...i hv all 10 needed....

  162. kp |

    finished klueless at 4th place...nice game...best of luck to all...signin off to a deep sleep

  163. kan |

    give a clue for 28 before u go

  164. Ashwin |

    Even I am done with part 1 of level 21. What to do with the count?

  165. Manju |

    kp help with lvl 23

  166. Anonymous |

    I know the count. What to do with it?

  167. Manju |

    read my commnet, just above urs

  168. vishu |

    hi mods... i hav got evry clue that i can get .. but nt getting ny further on level 30 ...plzzz help ... i cnt say nythng out here to divulge hints ... u cn ping me on coolvishu4u@gmail.com to verify what i have got ... i hav been on 30 since 9 yesterday .. plzz help

  169. manjku |

    @manish... can u hep me with lvl 28 pls

  170. cool |

    @ 20
    googled, wikied Nile, Neilos..Not getting it :((

    plz mail me the answer or direct hint
    to sushant.cool.7 at gmail.com

  171. Anonymous |

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  172. aswathik |

    Help needed at lvl 28...please..stuck here for a longtime

  173. Aditya .... If Only |

    any help for level 23 ...... i know the meaning of stumped and can relate it to the hint ...... but cannot decipher the crypt.

    please help

  174. kan |

    @ashwin @anon
    read the instructions

  175. Ashwin |


    I read your comment. I have the count but don't know what to do with it.

  176. Aditya .... If Only |

    @ anon for manju's clue ....

    i got the activity ..... but recently ? what was the recent event ..... i m sorry but i m out of that since a good amount of time ... havent been following it.

    can help please?

  177. kan |


    lvl 23 anons comment above almost reveals the answer

  178. vishu |

    mods kal se soya nahi yaar .. n the earlier blog also got deleted .. gimme some hint on 30 ... am there since eternityt

  179. Anonymous |

    which instructions? there is one big line on the page.. after getting the count do i use any hints on the AT SiX PoinT page? I am lost :)

  180. vishu |

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  181. vishu |

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  182. Manish Mattawar |

    @MODS...this is not done...few people are really close to target and just need slight hint...plz help us with LEVEL 30...how many people are there in hall of fame till now??

  183. Vikram |

    lvl 28,

    I found the frame and the number, and push towards the right direction,


    Can we have the old posts on the level please :P

  184. vishu |

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  185. muhsin |


    Pls give some hints on 30.
    it seems there were many hints on the prev blog.. helppp
    stuk since yest night :(

  186. Anonymous |

    pls mail me either the answer or a solid hint at foobar1234@gmail.com

  187. Anonymous |

    jus checkin...........

  188. Anonymous |

    pulling my hair out.. 21 help plssssssss...

  189. preeta |

    anybody pls help me on lvl 30.........

  190. Anonymous |

    @kan, vishu, manju
    pls mail ans to 21 on foobar1234@gmail.com

  191. cool |

    desperate for 20

    plz help

    sushant.cool.7 at gmail

  192. ruchika |

    Guess wat...I knw wat the numbers on level 29 means...jst need to figure out the pic...

    Anyone willing to exchange the info?

  193. aswathik |

    where are the moderators....please give me a clue for lvl 28...stuck here for almost a day

  194. need help !!!!! |

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  195. Anonymous |

    check email

  196. roadside romeo |

    think carefully u r on the right trak

    n read the source code well..
    the success ll be urs

  197. Aditya .... If Only |

    @ manju:

    i m too stuck at level 23.... can we do a discussion? Yahoo IM me at addydevil (username)

  198. help.. |

    @ ruchika..we can help each other..my ID lotofsmoke@gmail.com

  199. Sammy |

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  200. Sammy |

    This comment has been removed by the author.

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